SUZUKI-GSX 1300 Gallery Review

    SUZUKI-GSX 1300 Gallery Review
    Suzuki motorcycle department added a new model in its series GSX-R 2001, which took over its biggest and most successful series GSX-R sport bikes in 1980 which was directed by the GSX-R1100. A look at the numbers, you realize that your engine displacement was reduced to 100 cubic centimeters. However, the company Suzuki reasons preferred to reduce the engine displacement. It follows that the new GSR-X series have been degraded. In fact, the courage to face alone the new 1000cc GSR-X is much better than before. In reviewing the Suzuki motorcycle manual for the new series, you will learn that Suzuki has already solved the problems and cons associated with their old series based on the driving experiences of professionals.

    Apart from being an expanded version of the GSX-R750, the GSX-R1000 has a lot of advanced features that makes it a great option for riders who love high speed and excellent handling. Suzuki motorcycle repair manual says that the GSX-R1000 engine has been redesigned so that it now has 1 mm in diameter and 13 mm larger longer stroke. The pistons are also improved, now have a lower crown and a counter balancer to gears. The new engine has a weight of 59kg, which is much lighter than the 750cc model. His Suzuki motorcycle manual also states that the engine is capable of producing a maximum power of 120 kW at 9,500 rpm. The red line also increased to 12,000 rpm. Based on road tests, shows that the new GSX-R1000 can operate at the maximum speed of 288 km / h. It also has great acceleration and can reach quarter-mile in just 10.1 seconds.

    After reading the above, you could have mentioned the word "wow" several times already, but wait, there's excellent performance of this model. Suzuki motorcycle repair manual also states that the exhaust pipe of the new GSX-R1000 utilizes titanium which is very ideal to improve performance. Because of this, the exhaust system of the new 1000 cc model is 4 pounds lighter than the model 650. The same material was also used as a coating for the front fork specifically on the bars. In addition, there is also a safety valve mounted inside the exhaust pipe. Another interesting feature included in your motorcycle repair manual Suzuki is the servo that allows the bike to dynamically adjust the backpressure of the exhaust gases as a function of engine speed, throttle position, and gear selection with In order to increase torque, reduce noise, and reduce emissions. Clearly, the tube stock of the GSX-R 1000 has a lower noise compared to smaller displacement models. Because of this the above changes to the new series of the Suzuki GSX-R sport bikes, I was able to outperform its competitors in terms of market sales and performance.

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SUZUKI-GSX 1300 Gallery Review

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